Were you able to enjoy a long weekend? I hope so! Not ready to go back to work yet? Too tired to read a long blog post?

Your Guide to Productivity, Energy and Dealing with Envy
Well you’re in luck! Today’s post comes to you in the form of an interview that I did for Phillip at The Electrified Mind

In this interview we talk about being productive instead of busy, envy, energy vampires and more. So if you’d rather listen than read, then here’s your chance to hear me talk about these topics.

Philip’s questions were insightful and very in tune with what readers and audience members frequently ask about – so there’s something here for everyone. Click below to listen to the podcast straight through this webpage.

You can also find Electrified Mind on Podcast and Stitcher.

When you’re done please leave a comment and let me know how you liked the interview and then go on over and leave a review for Philip!

Your Guide to Productivity, Energy and Dealing with Envy

If you’re struggling with any of the topics that I discussed on this interview, please contact me here. Coaching with me can help you get through so many of the struggles that life throws at you.

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