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How to Be More Resilient to Stress

Our lives are full to the brim with stressful situations. No matter how well you manage your calendar and make sure to cover all your bases – stressful situations will come up. This is no surprise – and yet we still don’t always manage our stress to the best of our abilities. The answer to dealing with this stress in a healthful way is to become more resilient.

Your level of stress resilience is about how well you manage your stress during an event and how well you bounce back afterwards. Often we are only focused on how we actively manage our stress in the moment – but there’s much more to resilience than just this one facet. While it’s important to be able to keep a level head during the moment, it’s equally as important to be able to process your feelings and let go of stress when you are away from stressful places – like work.

Resilience has two sides – there’s active and passive. Active involves what you actually do while you’re dealing with a stressful situation, where passive is more about your lifestyle and habits. But you need to have healthy methods for both to ensure that you’re able to handle anything life throws you. The key to whole thing is developing healthy stress management habits which will serve you whether life is a little stressful or a LOT stressful.

In this video you will learn 4 ways that you can use to both manage stress in the moment AND generally improve your overall resilience with your every day habits. To be truly resilient takes both skill sets.

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How to Be More Resilient to Stress

How to Be More Resilient to Stress