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Secondhand Stress: How to deal when other people stress you out

Stress is a basic part of life. It’s actually designed to help us out in difficult times, but unfortunately, most people go around with tons of low level stress all the time – which is not healthy. The worst part is that even if you’re not stressed, you can catch stress from those around you. Even if you don’t know them, or talk to them, or even hear them. You can even get stressed from the way a stressed person smells!

This phenomenon is called secondhand stress and just like secondhand smoke, it’s bad for you. Stress was designed to give you a better, faster, stronger boost to quickly get you out of bad situations. However, in our fast-paced, pressure-driven society, we’re pretty much always worked up and worried about something. And we are spreading that around to – and receiving it from – others.

In order to help yourself deal with this unavoidable situation, you need to learn to take control of both your stress and how you handle others. You can actually help them, without taking on their emotions, and have you both come out feeling better. And you don’t even have to be a coach!

In today’s video I’m teaching you how you can cope quickly with your own negative emotions, so that you’re not spreading around secondhand stress. And how you can help others through their problems as well. You can actually be the positive shift in the room and prevent negativity from taking over – you just have to be prepared.

Don’t let the world get you down. Be the force for positivity in other people’s lives, and soon they’ll not only be looking to your for positive energy, they’ll be consistently bringing you their own.

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Secondhand Stress: How to deal when other people stress you out

Secondhand Stress: How to deal when other people stress you out