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Grit: Why you need it and how to get more

Grit is the idea that you can face tough times and not give up. Developing more grit is how you create the staying power to stick with your long term goals even when things get tough. While some people are naturally grittier than others, it is something you can develop more of if you are aware of how it works.

In this video, I’m explaining the way that grit works and what factors are important.

When it comes to grit you need to:

  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Understand how time and grit work together
  • Know how to create habits

It’s easy to get bogged down in day to day life and not be able to see the progress that you are making – or the progress that could be made if you just took small action every day. The long term goals that you want to reach may not happen overnight, but if you stick with the daily habits that make you progress towards those goals, then you will get there eventually.

By just focusing on your day to day habits you can create a system that would take you straight to your goals. The exercise that I give you at the end of the video will explain how can use a short term goal to reach your long term goals. It all comes down to habits – and if you understand how to build good habits for yourself, then you can make any goal happen.

So before you give up on that big dream that you have because it all seems too hard, try these tips first. You just need to stick with it. You got this!

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Grit: Why you need it and how to get more

Grit: Why you need it and how to get more