Why coaching?

I specialize in helping women who are overwhelmed with life. Those that are doing things all day long for everyone else, and never for themselves. Those that are working harder and harder and seeing fewer and fewer results.  Women who know that there’s more out there for them, but they have no idea how to bridge the gap from here to there.

Your ability to get it all done is inextricably tied to your wellbeing. If you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of everything that life throws at you. What that balance looks like is different for everyone. There is no cookie cutter answer. You have to do the work to find your own way. But you don’t have to work alone.

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Does This Sound Like You?

The alarm goes off, you’re filled with dread, you slam the snooze and roll over so you can avoid your hectic day and your mile long to do list for just 9 more minutes.

Or how about

Your bedtime and your wake up time get conspicuously closer and closer with every passing year. You’re busier than ever, taking on more responsibility at work and at home and you’re none the richer nor happier for it.

Or maybe even

You know what you want to do and where you want to go but you can’t seem to make it work. Your schedule is too hectic and you can’t ever fit in the things that you need to do to reach your goals. You’re always busy doing something for someone else. Overwhelm is your middle name.

These are a few samples of where coaching with me can help. They feel like standard issue misery that we all just have to suffer through, BUT THEY’RE NOT.  All areas where you struggle to create a different outcome can be addressed with coaching.

Each of my packages is customized to the clients particular needs. Some are guided plans with a specific focus each week and some are completely led by what you need to work on.

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Stressed to Success Coaching Package

Stress Management Package

Are you constantly stressed? Do you take on more than you should because you can’t say no? Are you running around like a crazy person all day but never really accomplishing much? Then this package is for you.

If you’re burned out or well on your way there then you have several areas of your life you need to address to get things under control. As much as we wish it would happen, life is never just going to calm down on its own. You have to change your behavior and take control of your life. “You run the day or the day runs you” couldn’t get any truer these days.

In this program I will take you through one area each week where we will explore how you’re currently showing up in your life and find the negative behaviors that are causing the stress. Then we will discuss what positive changes you can make to improve in that focus and create an action plan to put them in place.

Because everyone is different this whole process is customized to you and your needs. While many people might be struggling with similar behaviors, each person is unique. Every coaching conversation, behavior change, and action plan is unique the individual.

Below is an outline of what is covered in your 8 week program

  • Discovery and Exploration – Understanding how the stress is affecting your life. Getting clarity on what are the biggest problem areas.
  • Stop being Busy – Start being Productive
  • Boundaries
  • Lowering Expectations – Dealing with limiting beliefs
  • Mid program check in – Stress management and self care plans
  • Overcoming negative habits and though patterns
  • Finding Purpose and re-energizing life
  • Action Plan/Review

I spent 18 months recovering from burnout and had to figure out all the things that I needed to fix to get well again. Getting my physical wellbeing back was the easy part, it was getting my mind right so I would stop the burnout cycle that took so long.

I have seen it time and again in clients, they’re stressed out but cannot see the things that they are doing that cause them so much struggle. This program will help you recognize your stress creating behaviors and change them so that you can really get control back and make the real, meaningful progress you deserve.

Custom Focus Coaching Package

Custom Focus

Sometimes you don’t need an entire life overhaul, you just need to focus on one problem. Maybe you know that your boundaries are great but you struggle with time management. Maybe you need help saying no or making time for yourself or building your confidence. If you have clarity on your problem but just can’t seem to fix it, then this package will give you time to work through that issue in the customized, focused way that’s right for you.

This package includes 4 sessions and must be used within 2 months of the first session.

Ongoing Coaching Package

Ongoing Check Ins

This is an option to have a once a month coaching call with me after your initial package is complete. You continue to get sessions at a discounted rate as well as access to me via email.

One Hour Coaching sessions

One Hour Sessions

Do you just want to try coaching and see what it’s like? Do you have a very specific problem you want to work out? This option is available to you whenever you need it.