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Have you ever gone to bed determined to get something done in the morning, only to wake up and find all your motivation gone? You’re not alone. This is such a common phenomenon, but you don’t have to let it happen to you!

Even though we don’t HAVE to be motivated to do something, motivation is really helpful in getting us started (and keeping us going) towards a goal. However, motivation is a feeling, just like happiness, or anger, or frustration. It comes and goes, and it’s not something we are going to feel all of the time.

There are several ways to bring back your missing motivation and it involves looking at how you situation has changed since you started. Once you figure out what’s missing, you’ll be able to rekindle your desire to keep going.

But sometimes the issue isn’t that we’re not motivated, it’s that we’re not taking action. Sometimes you really want the end result, you just don’t want to do all the steps between here and there.

In this video I’ve addressed both the lack of motivation and the lack of interest in doing the work. By the end of it you will have 3 ways that you can use to get your motivation back and 4 ways to turn it into action. Plus, stay tuned to the end for a special tip to help you overcome that one major obstacle that is most likely to stop you.

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What to do when you have no motivation

What to do when you have no motivation

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