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All the meditation and yoga in the world won’t help reduce stress if you’re not fixing the way that you THINK. Most stress relief practices are something that we do – we do yoga, we breathe, we meditate. These are all great – but what about what you’re thinking? Our thoughts create our reality and if you’re constantly thinking about all the things you have to do or all the pressures that you’re under, then you’re going to be miserable most of the time – no matter how many deep breaths you take.

Stress relief practices such as yoga and meditation are fantastic – and they absolutely have their place in stress reduction – but the real key to getting things under control is by changing the way that you think about stress. In this video I’m giving you 3 practical ways to change your mindset and get control of the thoughts that are causing you to feel miserable. Thoughts patterns are habits, and habits can be changed. No matter how long you’ve been stressed out, you can get things under control. Stress is not a permanent life sentence.

By changing the way that you think on a regular basis you will be able to reduce the amount of stress that you feel on a regular basis. The less you generate through your thinking, the less you need to manage on a regular basis. This will lead you to be happier and more relaxed, which means that when an unexpected stressful situation arises, you’ll be much more equipped to handle it – instead of it throwing you into a downward spiral that could potentially burn you out.

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How To Reduce Your Stress By Changing The Way You Think

How To Reduce Your Stress By Changing The Way You Think