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How to Stop Stress from Becoming Burnout

If you’ve been around here for a minute you know that I talk about stress a LOT. It’s a topic that’s very close to my heart since it’s the way that I got myself into burnout. And suffering and recovering from burnout is what caused me to want to be a coach.

While my life coaching training would theoretically allow me to coach anyone about anything – I have dedicated my career to helping women who are constantly stressed and well on their way to burnout. Recovery can be a hard, lonely road – especially when you make that step away from the activities (and sometimes people) that were causing you so much of your stress.

A lot of my clients don’t even recognize that their situation is as bad as it is. We come to learn somewhere along the way that a certain amount of suffering is expected in life. But no one seems to clarify how much, what kind, or when we should do something about it. This is especially true of women who are expected to work like they don’t have kids, parent like they don’t have a job, and sacrifice every part of themselves for those around them (be they friends, family, or work).

And it doesn’t matter if you’re drowning in 3 feet or 30 feet of water. Whether you’re just not handling going back to work with a new baby at daycare, or you got a promotion and your job is now expecting you to work 80 hours a week, or you have both a special needs child and an aging parent living in your house. Stress is stress, and what matters is whether you control it or it controls you.

In this video I’m talking about how you recognize the warning signs of burnout, and what the first steps are that you can do to recover. We can easily be blind to the symptoms of burnout until they have taken over our lives so fully that we simply cannot function any longer. And yet it would have been much easier to have figured out a way to navigate the stress before you got to that point.

So even if you don’t think you’re in burnout, watch this and know the warning signs. You don’t have to be living them all day every day as I once did before I realized that this couldn’t possibly be the way you’re supposed to feel when you’re healthy. If you recognize the symptoms you can start taking some of the steps that I’ve outline to save yourself from having to go through a lengthy recovery process.

And, if you’d like some other stress management tips that aren’t oh just go get a pedicure! or try a yoga class! then click here. Those things are great, but just like with burnout you have to get way below the surface to find the heart of what is causing the real issue so you can make lasting change.

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How to Stop Stress from Becoming Burnout

How to Stop Stress from Becoming Burnout