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How to Stop Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed

Do you take one look at that mile long to do list and shut down? You can’t decide what to do first so you do none of it. You’re overwhelmed.

There’s really no getting around it. At various points in life you’re going to get overwhelmed. No matter how well you schedule your time and how careful you are – things will always come up. It might happen every once in awhile or it might be a daily occurrence.

For many people overwhelm is a constant state of being. We are so over scheduled and busy that when something does come up, there’s nowhere to fit it in. We end up cutting out sleep and free time which makes us more frazzled. Then we are that much more likely to get overwhelmed again tomorrow.

In order to deal with it there are 2 steps. First is learning how to deal with overwhelm while you’re in it so you can dig your way out. The second is to take precautions to prevent you from getting overwhelmed in the first place. If you struggle on a regular basis then you definitely need to try some steps from each section.

Today I’m teaching you several ways from each section because no tip is one size fits all. Why and how you get overwhelmed varies from person to person, so try out what you think will work first – but if it doesn’t help don’t give up. You’re not supposed to feel stressed and overwhelmed constantly – this isn’t just how life is now. Run through the tools and see what works best and feel free to tweak from there.

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How to Stop Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed

How to Stop Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed