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How to Stop Getting Distracted

With all of the technology that we surround ourselves with, it’s amazing we ever get anything done. There are constant buzzes, dings, and notifications emanating from our devices. It’s no wonder we are constantly distracted.

Unfortunately a lot of stress can be generated around our lack of focus. Basically if you’re unable to focus then you stress about not being productive, which then leads you to be able to focus even less. Because yes, stress impedes your ability to focus.

Seriously we can’t catch a break.

In this video I’m giving you 5 ways to help keep yourself from getting distracted. There really is not just one solution to dealing with distraction. It takes a cocktail of efforts, and a lot of it is being really aware of what you need to be at your best – and then working to maintain those conditions.

While there are ways to drag yourself back from distraction, it’s best to not get pulled in that direction in the first place. I don’ t know about you, but I pick my phone several times a day to do something productive and find myself sucked into some other very UNproductive app.

And I know this about myself and have moved a lot of my productivity tools to paper – because my phone will suck me in almost every time.

There are many distractions around us desperately vying for our attention. By being aware of how you operate best and also how to structure your environment for success, you can prevent yourself from getting distracted as much and be able to use your energy to be productive.

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How to Stop Getting Distracted

How to Stop Getting Distracted