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How to Reduce Your Stress Quickly

When life is normal and there isn’t a global pandemic happening, 1/3 of us report being stressed. I’m certain that that number is significantly higher given our current circumstances. And while we may be unable to control what is happening in the outside world, what we can control is our reaction to what life throws our way.

Most of us don’t really have the ability to just stop feeling stress – but we do have many ways that we can use to deal with that stress as it rears its ugly head. You don’t need a big chunk of time to take a stress relief break. In fact, in this video I’m giving you several ways that take just seconds to do.

Sure a long weekend on a beach sounds great, and I love an hour long pedicure, however we can’t just wait for those times when we can take a vacation – or even an hour to reduce our stress. If you let the stress build up over the course of the day, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Yes, you need to take time on evenings and weekends to have longer stress relief breaks, but you also need control it as it wells up over the course of the day.

In todays video I’m giving you tons of ways that you can use for stress relief – from breathing to mindfulness to gratitude. There are ways that help you reduce the stress that builds up in both your mind AND your body.

Don’t expect yourself to be some monk that has meditated for hours every day and has worked for years to control your stressed out response to all the changes that are happening right now. In fact, getting upset that you’re stressed will just create more stress.

Instead find some easy methods that work for you and use them whenever you have a moment or you notice that your jaw is clenched and your shoulders are riding up around your ears. Getting stressed in life might be inevitable but whether you stay stressed or not, is up to you.

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How to Reduce Your Stress Quickly

How to Reduce Your Stress Quickly