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Why You Don’t Have to Be Productive Right Now

Are you struggling with feeling like you HAVE to do all the things just because you’re stuck at home right now? Despite the fact that you’re probably dealing with worry, anger, stress, and depression – you’re still expecting yourself to get everything done as usual – and even more now since you seem like you should have extra time.

Does the fact that you’re not getting anything extra done make you feel like crap? It might be because you’re tying your productivity to your self worth. Basically that’s the feeling that if you’re not getting things crossed off your to do list, you don’t have any value.

Of course you have value! And it is not dependent on accomplishing anything. You don’t have to be productive right now!

Even if all you did today was breathe that should be enough. But it doesn’t feel like that given that we’re so used to racing around chasing our schedules that we usually don’t have time to think. Now we’ve got PLENTY of time to think and the world is scary right now. Thinking about scary things is exhausting and draining and it can lead to you just wanting to hide under the covers.

Which is totally fine. But it doesn’t feel fine because you’ve got all these thoughts floating around your head, bashing you for not getting your closet Marie Kondo’d.

In order to stop feeling like crap because you’re not getting anything done during a worldwide pandemic, you need to change your thought patterns. The habit of feeling good when you do stuff and bad when you don’t, is inherently negative. And you will keep needing to get more and more done in order to feel good enough. It’s a downward spiral that won’t fix itself.

In this video I’m teaching you how to find these thought patterns and change them. Plus giving you two other tips to help you stop making your life all about what you get done so you can actually enjoy just being.

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Why You Don't Have to Be Productive Right Now

Why You Don't Have to Be Productive Right Now