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How to Create a Self Care Routine

Do you want to feel better, have more energy, and be more productive? Of course you do! Well then you need a self care routine.

Self care is one of those amazing things that gives you back more time than it takes away. Yes it takes time to take care of your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing, but by doing so you feel better, have more energy, and work more efficiently. If you skip these hours in favor of getting more work done, eventually you will be working as such a low level that everything will take longer. Oh, and on top of that you’ll feel like crap.

Self care takes so many forms, and it’s important that your routine includes caring for your physical, mental, AND (not or!) emotional well being. You can’t jut workout and ignore your mental health or eat well and but then bury all your emotions. Everything needs to be taken care of, and by doing this you will be rewarded.

Many people think, though, that self care is just bubble baths or pedicures or expensive trips to the spa. While of course self care can be those things, that’s doesn’t do it for everyone. None of my self care routines involve a bubble bath!

A good self care routine is something that makes you happy and is sustainable. In this video I’m covering all three areas of self care and teaching you how you can create a realistic and sustainable (and completely customized) routine for yourself.

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How to Create a Self Care Routine

How to Create a Self Care Routine