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Easy Ways to Add Mindfulness to Your Life

Have you been finding that your mind is wandering more? Life is weird right now. Personally I’ve been daydreaming about when life will go back to normal. This form of escapism might seem to help, but overall living in the past or future can actually make us more unhappy.

Humans have these amazing brains that allow us to understand the concept of time. We can be doing something now and have a plan to do something later. The rest of the animal kingdom doesn’t work this way.

But what happens when we start living in the past or the future instead of the here and now? Well the answer is generally depression, anxiety, and overall dissatisfaction. Bummer.

While we can’t just stop our minds from doing this – this isn’t a thought habit, it’s built-in programming – we can rein it in and be more intentional with our thoughts.

The best, and easiest, way to do this is through mindfulness.

Mindfulness is focusing on the right here and right now. And every time you wander off to the past or the future, you bring those thoughts right back. There are many ways to achieve this, and no two mindfulness practices need to be the same.

In today’s video I’m explaining all about what mindfulness is and isn’t, and how you can make a practice that fits your life. I promise that you can make something fit into your crazy busy days. Even just finding 3-5 minutes will make a big impact over time.

Even if life right now isn’t the greatest it’s ever been, there is still magic to be found. We just need to spend some time concentrating on the present to find it.

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Easy Ways to Add Mindfulness to Your Life

Easy Ways to Add Mindfulness to Your Life