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Pay Attention! How to control your attention and focus

Do you struggle to pay attention to what is really important? If you’re constantly being distracted, then you need some help with your attention management.

Attention management is quite possibly THE most important productivity tool around. You can manage your time and energy as tightly as possible, but if you can’t focus on what you’re working on, you’ll never get anything done.

Everything (and everyone) is constantly jockeying for your attention. And hopping around from task to task is a recipe for disaster. You need to manage the external factors that are distracting you (hello! you’re phone!) and your internal distractions, like your thoughts. Then you need to make sure that you’re focusing on the right things about what you’re working on. After all, it doesn’t matter how perfect your grammar is if you’re crafting the wrong message.

In this video, I’m teaching you ways to control your attention around the biggest distractions, and also giving you an exercise to make sure you’re focused in the right direction. These tips are so easy to put into practice, and you’ll be surprised at how effective they are.

We as humans are highly distractable and have a natural desire for novelty. This was great when there wasn’t a world of distractions to pull our focus all over the place, but now it’s a huge issue. If you want to be effective and productive in our noisy world, you need to learn how to tackle all the ways that things are trying to pull your attention away. And learn how to give your attention to the things that matter to you.

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Pay Attention! How to control your attention and focus

Pay Attention! How to control your attention and focus