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Limiting Beliefs: What they are and how to stop them

Have you ever heard some version of the phrase, the only limit is your imagination? In many ways this is true well beyond the limits of all things creative. When you think about it, we are the creators of our lives, so if you can’t imagine a better life, how could you even go about getting there?

Sometimes, however, what gets in your way isn’t that you can’t imagine having or doing something, it’s that you don’t believe you are capable of doing those things. Perhaps you have a dream, but it simply seems out of reach because you are not good at x, y, or z.

But have you stopped to consider whether that story you’re telling yourself is even true? Are you REALLY not good at that thing? Have you tried recently, or are you letting your limiting belief get in your way?

Limiting beliefs are the stories we tell ourselves about why we can’t do something. They may have formed when we were quite young and have persisted our whole lives. If you haven’t worked at something, of course you’re not going to be any good at it. Even natural, raw talent at something needs refining to be truly great.

For example, I was told in school that I was not good at art or writing. I avoided both for many years believing these stories that didn’t originate with me. But I internalized them so much, I couldn’t separate someone else’s truth from my own.

In the last few years I’ve broken out of both of these limiting beliefs and have happily taken up both with lots of success. I wish I would have learned to overcome them a long time ago – imagine how much better I’d be at them with decades of practice under my belt.

If you feel like you’re avoiding something that you want to do because you believe that you can’t, then this video is for you. Today I’m explaining how to uncover those sneaky limiting beliefs that like to hide in the corners of our minds. Then once you uncover them I’m giving you a system that you can use to overcome them so you can finally go after the life that you want.

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Limiting Beliefs: What they are and how to stop them

Limiting Beliefs: What they are and how to stop them