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How to Be the Most Confident Person

Think of a place that you go to a lot – your office, the coffee shop, the park. If I said to you, “do you feel confident that you could take me there?” You would say “of course, I go there all the time.” This ability to get me to your favorite coffee shop doesn’t have anything to do with talent, does it? You didn’t get this confidence from your parents, or what school you went to. You got it because you’d been there before, remembered the way, and went back. You plan to go, you go, you arrive. Pretty simple.

Well, the rest of confidence works this way too. Confidence isn’t some kind of baked-in personality trait that you either are born with or not. It’s simply the belief in a positive experience. If you believe that your actions will give you a positive result, do you think you feel differently than when you’re not sure? Of course. And that feeling is reflected in how you look as well.

The great news about all of this is that it means that confidence can be learned. You can actually take steps to improve how confident you are – instead of just wishing and hoping that today is the day that you’ll just suddenly wake up confident.

In this video, I’m teaching you different ways that you can use to increase your confidence. You can just try one or you can do all of them at the same time to really blow it out of the water.

Whatever you do, just make sure that you stay til the end so you can see many (definitely not all) of my bloopers. If I seem confident on camera, it’s only through years of public speaking and lots of practice and repeated takes.

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How to Be the Most Confident Person

How to Be the Most Confident Person