Procrastination is Everywhere

“How many hours did you procrastinate yesterday?” 

This is a question from a survey conducted by Darius Foroux. The answer? 88% of people that are in the workforce today procrastinated at least one hour a day.

I’m willing to bet that whether you fall into the workforce, or the University set, or you’re staying at home – whether you work there are not, you have procrastinated. You might have put off that report, that paper, or those dishes. But regardless of what it was, you intentionally did something else – whether it was productive or not –  instead of what you were supposed to be doing.

Unfortunately, it’s likely that that thing that you did was just a time waster. You decided to scroll your phone instead of returning phone calls, because let’s face it, phone calls suck. Ok, maybe that’s more personal opinion here, but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this.

Whether you were avoiding phone calls, emails, or the dishes (I’m pretty sure I procrastinated all of these things today alone), the result is the same. You don’t get done what you need to get done and because you put off that thing in favor of the instant gratification of whatever you did instead, you’ve now slightly (or dramatically, depending on how close the deadline is) increased the stressful feelings you have around that thing.

Personally, even putting off the dishes increases my stress. If I come down and the kitchen is already a mess first thing in the morning, my day starts off on the wrong foot, and honestly, that makes me want to avoid the dishes even more. Who’s with me?

If this sounds like you, I have good news. There is an amazing book that can walk you through this whole situation, step by step, and help turn even the most chronic procrastinator into a doer instead of an avoider.

conquer procrastination: the book you need to read right now

Don’t Just Stop Procrastinating

Conquer it.

Nadalie Bardo of It’s All You, Boo has written an amazing book called Conquer Procrastination. But it’s more than just a book about stopping you from this one negative behavior. It’s the productivity book to end all productivity books.

Your girl here has read a LOT (I’m mean a LOT, a LOT) of personal development books – many of which have centered around productivity. If you watch my videos or read my articles, you’ll see that I have researched the hell out of this topic. There are tons of productivity books out there with loads of different methods of how you can be more productive.

Here’s the thing though: a lot of them are boring. Many of them are ridiculously repetitive – doing the whole tell them what you’re going to tell them, tell them, and then remind you what you told them thing – which is just a waste of paper (and time!) in my opinion. By the time you’ve read the first 3 chapters, you’ve gotten all the information you’ll get out of that book.

I’m happy to say that Conquer Procrastination is none of these things. It’s not boring or repetitive. It also does something that a lot of personal development books don’t do, and that’s to help you incorporate the techniques into your life. Many authors are happy to give you some science and some testimonials, but very rarely are they helpful in giving you real, practical ways of incorporating their technique. There’s so frequently a disconnect between their method and real life.

In this book, Nadalie does a great job from start to finish of holding your hand, giving you the science, talking to you like a friend, and offering realistic, tangible suggestions. She makes it clear that procrastination is very much a matter of mental health and stress, and that you need to deal with that first. This is, of course, my favorite part of her technique. Because if you don’t get your mind right, what’s the point of forcing yourself through a bunch of tasks? That’s a solid way to head into burnout.

After she takes you through dealing with basic procrastination, she basically gives you every tool in the box to boost your productivity. She discusses task management, sorting your to do list, time management, energy management. Seriously, the works. It’s every good part of every overlong, boring personal development book, packaged in an entertaining, useful, and short way.

Did I mention that yet? This book is well under 200 pages, which is fantastic. There’s absolutely no reason to procrastinate reading it, plus you’ll get in and out and have all the tools you’ll ever need to be productive. Certainly, you might not be able to adopt the practices as soon as you read them – it will be a process. But Nadalie ensures that it’s a clear process.

Conquer Procrastination: The Book You Need to Read Right Now

Conquer Procrastination

Are you ready to dive into this book yet? Seriously, don’t dare tell me you’ll do it tomorrow! Go buy it now. Especially because Nadalie is giving away some amazing gifts for pre-ordering it before it is released on Sept 29th, so hurry!

If you currently procrastinate, reading this book will be worth every cent you pay and every minute you invest. I’m sure you will save more of both by the boost in productivity you will get by following Nadalie’s advice.

I received a free copy of the book in return for my honest review. The views stated in this post are all my own.