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The Best Way to Be More Productive

While productivity might be measured by how much you get done in a certain time period – the time you’re actively working isn’t the only time that affects how productive you are. For example, how much you sleep (or don’t) or take breaks (or don’t!) strongly correlates to how much you’re able to get done when you’re trying to focus on something important.

We spend our time wondering whether there’s another app out there that would help us get more done – or maybe if we could find the perfect calendar we could manage our time better. But productivity isn’t just about time. It’s about your attention and energy too.

If you want to be more productive, you need to be managing your whole lifestyle. This is why I call this technique holistic productivity. We can’t just hyper focus on the area in question, we need to look at your whole system.

In this video I’m giving you the key areas you need to look, and what you can do to improve those areas so that you can be more productive. By examining your everyday habits, for example, you can spot easy ways that you can not only be more productive, but make life better overall.

If you’ve tried every productivity hack on the market, and you still feel like you haven’t reached your ultimate level, then this video is for you. Learn to get more done in less time – and then go spend that extra time doing the things that make you happy!

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The Best Way to Be More Productive

The Best Way to Be More Productive