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Why Mental Load Matters and How to Reduce It

If you’re a woman, who happens to work, who also happens to have children, you’re probably drowning in mental load.

Mental load is the burden of thinking that is behind running a household – keeping everyone else happy and healthy. It’s not just taking care of chores, and shuffling everyone around and making dinner – it’s the planning and organizing of all those activities. Planning meals, making grocery lists, making appointments, planning events, and generally keeping everything moving in the right direction – all fall under the mental weight.

And on top of everything that you do for everyone else, you’re somehow supposed to do your job and take care of yourself in the process.

Mental weight is exhausting and it’s invisible work. It’s very difficult to explain that having to ask someone to do something for you might help with the task, but it does nothing to lift the mental weight. It’s a difficult concept to quantify.

In this video I’m explaining how women managed to get so loaded down, and explaining why it matters. I’m also giving you a simple 3 step process to help you figure out what you are doing and how you can pass some of this off to the other people in your household.

You shouldn’t have to do all this invisible work on your own. Learn how to express what you are doing and get help not just with the doing, but with all the mental gymnastics that go with it.

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Why Mental Load Matters and How to Reduce It

Why Mental Load Matters and How to Reduce It