Melanie's Testimonial


“I was a few months into my weight loss and fitness journey, but just not seeing the changes I wanted, thus becoming discouraged. Then, the opportunity to work with Jes Dickerson came along. Committing to coaching sessions with her was the pivotal “game changer” that I needed, and a decision that I only regret not making sooner! With Jes’ guidance, I am seeing better results, faster. Although my initial goals were fitness related, the sessions allow for flexibility to tackle whatever challenge(s) I am dealing with that week. Jes’ coaching technique, through guiding questions, has helped me to drill deep, uncovering fears or other roadblocks I had put up for myself, then develop a strategy and steps to take to overcome those challenges and move closer to achieving my goals. I cannot thank Jes enough! The ripple effect has been remarkable. I am a better communicator and have seen improvements to in my personal and professional relationships, as well. Thanks to my coaching partnership with Jes, I now feel that I am back to being the active participant in shaping my life and future, that I should have been all along. If you are considering taking the next step to begin your own sessions, as I did, I urge you to do it! Your future self will thank you!”


“Jessica is an amazing coach. As a mom, I was overwhelmed with all the things on my plate. With Jessica’s help, I was able to prioritize where to focus my attention in order to achieve my big goals. Jessica asks the right questions. Her questions make you think about the reasons for your choices at a deeper subconscious level. She helped me identify my passion by asking the right questions and held me accountable at every point. Her questions also helped me understand myself better and identify what drives me. She taught me how to focus on one thing at a time, accomplish the goal, and then move on to the next thing rather than working on several things at once. Jessica gave me a better insight into what I was doing wrong and why my approach led me to being frustrated in spite of working really hard. Now that I have identified what is most important to me, I am able to single mindedly focus on my goals and take action everyday. Thank you Jessica !”


“Working with Jes has been a wonderful experience. She really helped guide me with getting my life back on track by asking those challenging questions that helped me truly think through and focus on the big picture of how I want to live my life. With all of my sessions with her, she challenged me with questions then guided me on how I could create a doable plan to change the dynamics around, that were weighing me down, and then we finished with a strategy to focus on until our next session. If it hadn’t been for the coaching with Jes, I would still be struggling with feeling overwhelmed and out of control with me life.  Thank you Jes, your coaching has provided me with tools and means of creating the life that I see myself living!”