Jes Dickerson

Hi! I’m Jes.

I help women like you who are struggling with life. You’ve got too much on your plate and yet people keep asking you to do more. You never get a minute to yourself. You’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and don’t even know how to begin to get control back over your schedule or your wellbeing.

I know what it’s like, that used to be me.

I used to be the queen of saying yes to everything. I thought “I’m wonder woman. I can totally get it all done, perfectly, if I just don’t sleep for the next six weeks.”

Obviously that was a recipe for disaster. Perfection is impossible. Not taking care of yourself means you can’t get anything done. And eventually your body will simply stop working. That’s what happened to me.

I worked myself straight into burnout.

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What People are Saying

“As a mom, I was overwhelmed with all the things on my plate. With Jessica’s help, I was able to prioritize where to focus my attention in order to achieve my big goals.”
“Thanks to my coaching partnership with Jes, I now feel that I am back to being the active participant in shaping my life and future, that I should have been all along. If you are considering taking the next step to begin your own sessions, as I did, I urge you to do it! Your future self will thank you!”
“If it hadn’t been for the coaching with Jes, I would still be struggling with feeling overwhelmed and out of control with me life. Thank you Jes, your coaching has provided me with tools and means of creating the life that I see myself living!”
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